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Montclair Physical Therapy Oakland CA

Your Specialists in Orthopedic PT Care

Montclair Physical Therapy Oakland CA
Montclair Physical Therapy

Do you have pain? Does your body not do what you want it to do? If you want your to perform better, you need Montclair Physical Therapy. We are movement specialists who provide physical therapy for Oakland CA. We are here to help you heal and return to the activities you enjoy doing.

Montclair Physical Therapy offers top-notch, professional physical therapy for post-surgical conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries and neurological disorders in a professional, friendly environment. Our facility has all the equipment and treatment modalities necessary to facilitate your rapid recovery and return to optimal function.

Browse through our site. Then, call (510) 339-2116 to make an appointment with one of our Physical Therapists. You’ll be glad you did.


Simon Gibson, PT

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